Baby Snatcher Gets Bail Altered

Jamaica Crime News, St James: Twenty-six-year-old Melissa Harriot, the woman accused of stealing a baby in the parking lot at Cornwall Regional Hospital in St James, has had a portion of her bail conditions altered.

A stop order was to be put in place, but due to challenges with certain required documents, Harriot has been having some difficulties in taking up her $200,000 bail as the stop order has to be put in place before she can be released from police custody.

On Wednesday, the clerk-of-court told presiding judge Sandria Wong-Small that Harriot did not have a passport to facilitate the processing of the stop order, and her birth certificate, which would be a substitute document to be used, could not be accepted as it was the older version.

On that premise, the judge removed the stop order then set the matter for committal hearing on June 11.

All other conditions of bail remain the same.

It is reported that on January 4 this year, the baby’s mother had asked Harriot to hold the child while she went to the restroom. However, when the mother returned, both her baby and the accused were nowhere to be found.

Harriot, who is formerly of a St Ann address and who, at the time of the incident, lived with her common-law husband in St James, was arrested by the police in Norwood following the recovery of the baby on January 6. Residents had reportedly contacted the police and provided information that led to premises in the community where she lived, following the release of closed-circuit television images from the hospital.

Harriot was later charged with child stealing and the baby was returned to her parents.

Attorney-at-law Michael Hemmings who represent the accused woman was not present in court.

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