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CASTRIES BABY MURDER: Government supports Melissa Lambert

Melissa Lambert,Baby Girl Found Dead with Rope Around Neck
St Lucia, (Mckoy’s News): Government supports Melissa Lambert: Minister for Local Government and Culture, Senator Fortuna Belrose, has described the murder of a nine-month-old baby girl in Marchand, Castries this week as “sad” and said the ministry is providing support to the baby’s mother, Melissa Lambert.
Belrose said the ministry “empathises” with Lambert and her family over the baby’s “tragic death”.
She said the ministry has been in touch with the family and officials are trying their best to provide the support that will enable Lambert to be in a “different environment” at this time.
Lambert discovered said she found her baby dead in the playpen at their George Charles Boulevard home around 5:30 p.m. last Monday after returning from an errand at a nearby shop.
A lace was reportedly wrapped around the baby’s neck and a post-mortem revealed the infant died from strangulation/hanging.4

Dr Colin O Jarrett-Mckoy’s News Reporter
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