Baba Dee new deals & ventures

Jamaica News: When you talk or mention the great selectors or disc jocs that have dominated Dancehall and the underground scene in Jamaica does the name Baba Dee not fall somewhere in the top 20. Its a question that has been buzzing on the street, in the barbershops, in the studio yard. Most party-goers in Kingston are very much aware of the popular veteran selector that seems to keep finding ways of reinventing himself.

His accolades go from being the star selector on mainstream nightly sets. Uptown Mondays, Sexy Tuesday (alongside Supa Hype), Wappings Thursday and the list goes on. So has been said he’s getting ready to do the rounds for 2020. This is an exclusive we got from Baba Dee. Where he hints that he is signing a new managerial deal with the Push A Yute Inc outfit and label. He said, “I’m about to take my career to the next level, look and listen out for new mixtapes.”

He went on to let us know he plans to do more touring and represent Dancehall as a cultural ambassador. When asked if a radio was ever seen in the near future as part of the new rebranding he left it open. He told us here at McKoy News that if they needed him we can contact Push A Yute and the team and they will gladly assist us. Well, the future seems where he wants it to be and where he wants to get to.

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