Azzar urges youths to Focus

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With many youngsters unfortunately becoming wayward, recording artiste Azzar is encouraging them to remain on the right path in his latest track Focus.

“Focus is basically a song to keep the young youths’ minds focused, to stop them from doing

the wrong things. I decided to do this song because there’s too much violence is going on in the world today,” he told McKoy’s News.

Produced by Mill Bill Production, Focus was released in June.

Since its release, Focus has been gaining traction and receiving attention in the streets, as well as on a few radio stations.

“People support the move because it’s a positive vibration that we are trying to bring back, a certain type of music that has been missing from our culture,” the artiste said.

He has high hopes for the single.

“My expectation is that people will use this single as motivation and use the words to try to be a better person, not only for them but for others across the world as well.”

An accompanying music video is currently being planned.

Azzar is known for previous releases such as Hotness, Biological Warfare and Roggy Joe.

In the industry for years, music has been a part of his life for as long as he can remember.

“Music is an inborn gift for me, I was born singing and deejaying. My style of music is just different, music that everyone can relate to, both old and young,” Azzar said.

The artiste has been spending much of his time in the studio during the pandemic, working on

new projects that will surely wow his listeners.

“I’m all about taking my music to the world, I tell myself that I started back not late but at the best possible time,” he added.

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Le Antonio’s Foundation Feeding Programme


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