Auspicious Queensland DJ Christian Krauter is Back with New Music Perfect to be Party Anthems

Making the whole room filled with energy, the DJ Christian Krauter did it again with the latest released tracks ‘I remember it dubbed’ and ‘Wicked Pickups’. These are the finest examples of pumped-up party anthems that enlighten the room instantly.

The artiste has created these new tracks that have the calibre of mounting the charts and becoming the most listened-to tracks in the DJ’s catalog. In just a short period of time, the talented artiste has gained quite a number of followers who all have been appreciative of the recent releases. The tracks are filled with groovy and catchy tunes that create an enchanting environment for the listeners.

This Queensland DJ has proven his habit of connecting to fans and followers through his tracks. The aim behind making and composing these pieces of music is said to be the artiste’s desire to make people feel fun.

The tracks ‘I remember it dubbed’ and ‘Wicked Pickups’ stayed true to the intention of Christian Krauter as these stand as the true party anthems that people are grooving and dancing to. The composition of the tracks is filled with digital beats and electrifying tunes that give the feeling of a euphoric mix. The listeners are experiencing an energetic environment that is party-ready. The most interesting component of tracks is their dynamic energy and the calibre of lifting the moods of the audience.

He has given similar performances in his other tracks such as ‘Recovery Tape Liveset’, ‘More Energy More Power’, ‘Oh Why’, ‘Give Me Bass House’ etc. All these songs are made and produced by the same person yet feel unique every time people listen to them. The newly released tracks especially have the power to captivate the audience by giving them an elevated experience.

The whole discography is available on Spotify and Soundcloud. Fans can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and his official website for further updates.

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