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Assistant Commissioner of Police Winchroy Budhoo is Dead


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Mckoy’s News (Jamaica) –   Assistant Commissioner of Police Winchroy Budhoo is dead. ACP Budhoo who was assigned to Operations Portfolio of the Jamaica Constabulary Force died suddenly at hospital on Wednesday afternoon, May 10.

Mckoys News has learnt that ACP Budhoo left his Longville Park home in Clarendon and went to work on Wednesday morning.

While at work he felt ill and left for home. Upon reaching home he again complainant about feeling ill and was immediately rushed to the May Pen Hospital where he died suddenly whilst been treated.

News of his death spread like wildfire throughout the Jamaica Constabulary Force and reached the ears of the Commissioner of Police George Quallo who is presently attending the Police Federation Conference been held at the Conference Centre in Montego Bay.

Commissioner Quallo was badly shaken by the news. He briefly mentioned that ACP Budhoo was a hard working member of the JCF who as parted too soon.

ACP Budhoo who served as the Assistant Commissioner of Police at the Area One Headquarters in Montego Bay St. James recently was  transferred to Kingston earlier this year and made way for ACP Warren Clarke.

He was a very understanding police officer who was always ready to assist citizens of western Jamaica with their problems. He was also a very close friend to the Mckoy’s News team and were are sending condolences to ACP Budhoo family.

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