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Asafa Powell launches fitness venture


Asafa, the former 100m world record holder and current Guinness Record holder for the most sub10-second runs has now launched a fitness membership platform to help people around the world take control of their health and fitness goals, with hands-on guidance on workouts and nutrition.

Asafa, who has always been lauded for his fitness regime and continuously receives questions and requests regarding this then decided that he wanted to create a space that was accessible for persons at all levels of fitness.  “Health is our greatest asset,” Powell said. “Having over a decade of dedicated workout and nutrition experience as an athlete I felt it was time to share that.”

The services offered on the site include but aren’t limited to: A 12-week fitness plan, nutrition advice, as well as recipes and fitness videos. Having done a soft launch to get feedback and fine-tune the site the response has been great. It has given persons the opportunity to start their fitness journey with someone they trust, can relate to and know that the support they need is at their fingertips.

With more than 50 fitness videos providing detailed workout instructions for beginners as well as expert advice on how to exercise safely and effectively plus Asafa’s Nutrition Mission eBook which is filled with eight different strategies, 30+ of his favourite recipes; all downloadable; it’s no wonder that is becoming a fast favourite.

“I wanted to create a community” Powell said, “that’s why once you sign up you get access to a range of his ebooks, which include ‘Live Like a Legend’, which is a 30-day health kick guide to help people start their journey along with access to a private group on Facebook that members can join to share their progress, support each other, share recipe ideas and keep in touch with Asafa as they embark on their fitness journey.”

For as low as US$15 monthly, a discounted three-month option of US$40 or an annual fee persons get access to not just workout videos, tips and guidance or ebooks with nutrition and recipes, they have inside access to a lifestyle. They can begin their health and fitness journey fully equipped and hand in hand with one of the world’s best athletes. To learn more about Asafa’s fitness membership platform and to see why it’s poised to change the game visit

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