Armed Robbers who Held up Cash Pot Shop along Molynes Road, Surrender to Police Following Hostage Situation

Latest Jamaica News, Kingston (McKoy’s News): Two armed robbers who attempted to rob a cash pot shop along a section of Molynes Road, on Monday night September 9, were forced to surrender to the police after a two hour long hostage situation.

The police have not yet released the identity of the two men, who were taken into custody and are now being interrogated.

Reports are that about 8:00 p.m., the armed men went into the cash pot outlet which is located at the intersection of Molynes Road and Seaward drive and held the occupants at gunpoint.

While in the process of robbing the establishment, the men triggered an alarm, and swift response by the police resulted in the men being cornered inside the establishment.

After a two hour long hostage situation between the police and the armed robbers, both men alighted from the building with their hands raised above their heads, and they were taken into custody.

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