Police charged a 26-y-o St Ann man for illegal firearm possession, robbery

Armed Robber Shot and Injured in Montego Bay

Latest Jamaica News, Montego Bay (Montego Bay): Armed Robber Shot and Injured An armed robber who held up and robbed a plain clothes police officer in Montego Bay, on Tuesday night, November 12, was shot and injured by the officer who challenged him.

The police has not yet released the identity of the armed robber who is presently at hospital, under police guard.

Reports by the police are that about 8:30 p.m., the police Constable was walking along Port Avenue at Fairview Shopping Complex, when a motor car pulled up beside him and one man armed with a handgun jumped out.

Not knowing that his victim was a policeman, the armed robber demanded that the victim hand over his wallet, cell phone and a head phone which he was wearing.

After completing his illicit act, the armed robber was in the process of boarding the motorcar when the officer pulled his licensed firearm and opened fire hitting him to his upper body.

The injured robber managed to jump into the getaway car which sped away. Some time later, an investigation was carried out at the Cornwall Regional Hospital, where a man fitting the description of the armed robber turned up at the hospital compound to be treated for gunshot wounds.

He was questioned and after being unable to tell how and where he got shot, the accused was placed under police guard.

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