Armed Robber Held and Beaten in Westmoreland

Jamaica Crime News, Westmoreland: An unidentified male, who resident say attempted to carry out an armed robbery, in the Spring Gardens area of Little London, Westmoreland, on Tuesday night, April 9, was mobbed by angry residents, beaten and chopped almost to death, then later handed over to the police.

A homemade handgun was also reportedly taken from the injured man.

Reports are that about 10:45 p.m. on Tuesday, residents reported that the unidentified male was held, while trying to steal a motorcycle in their community.

He was chased and held, and a search carried out of his person.

The unidentified man was found to be carrying a homemade handgun. He was mobbed and beaten almost to death.

The police were summoned, and upon their arrival, the alleged armed robber was found lying on his back, almost unconscious, with multiple chop wounds.

He was transported to hospital, where he was treated and admitted under police guard.

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