Armed Robber Disarmed and Fatally Shot During Robbery Attempt on Couple in St James

Jamaica Crime News, St James: An armed robber who held up and attempted to rob a couple at their home in St James on Thursday morning of July 26, was overpowered by the couple and fatally shot with his own weapon.

The weapon, an Arcus 9mmsemi-automatic pistol loaded with ten live 9mm rounds was handed over to the Adelphi police by the brave couple.

Reports by the police are that about 2:00 am on Thursday,  the couple who resides in Moore Park,  Adelphi, were at home when they heard strange sounds coming from a section of the house.

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The couple went to investigate and saw a man armed with a handgun. The gunman held the couple at gunpoint but the couple launched an attack on him.

During the confrontation, the robber was shot and he was overpowered by the couple who also managed to wrestle the firearm from him.

The police were summoned and upon arrival, the weapon was handed over to the police and the robber transported to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where he died whilst being treated.

In the meanwhile, community members residing in Adelphi district are commending the couple for their bravery in disarming the gunman and retrieving the illegal firearm.

The police have also reported that the identity of the gunman is still not yet known.

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