Armed Gunmen Posing as Cops Shoot Truck Driver in Hanover

Jamaica Crime News, Hanover: A 39-year-old,  truck driver who hails from Flamstead in Kingsvale district, Hanover was shot and seriously injured by a group of armed men posing as police officers,  and who forced their way inside his home on Monday morning,  August 13th.
Reports by the Lucea police are that about 1:30 am, the truck driver and other family members were at home in their beds,  at Flamstead in Kingsvale.
Minutes later three men wearing ballistic vests, and armed with high powered weapons kicked open the front door to the house.
The man then identified themselves as police officers and demanded money from the truck driver and his family.  When their demands were not met the men opened fire hitting the truck driver to his head.
The gunmen then escaped in the area on foot.  The other family members were not armed and they summoned the police, who upon arrival,  transported the wounded man to the Noel Holmes hospital in Lucea where he was treated and admitted in critical condition.
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