Argyle Mountain Hanover Teen Killed, Missing Westmoreland Teen Found,Jaydeen Grant

SHOCKING: Argyle Mountain Hanover Teen Killed Allegedly by Cousin

Jamaican News, February 27, 2018 –  Argyle Mountain Hanover Teen Killed

Hanover, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – The Hanover police now have a man in their custody at the Lucea police station lock-up who has been fingered as the killer who chopped up the body of 17-year-old Jaydeen Grant. Reports reaching Mckoy’s News are that this man is the alleged cousin of the dead teen.

In our news investigation in the Argyle Mountain district, in the parish of Hanover, residents are disgruntled that Mckoy’s News reported that the murder of 17-year-old Jaydeen Grant, may be connected to an incident where her father was arrested, after an altercation with her stepfather in which he allegedly shot after the stepdad.

The residents have come forward with what they say is the real story in the Argyle Mountain, Hanover community, which they say revolves around a family cover-up.

Argyle Mountain covers both the parish of Hanover and the parish of Westmoreland, Jaydeen lived with her relatives in the Westmoreland section. Her body parts were found in the Hanover section of Argyle Mountain.

Argyle Mountain Hanover Teen Killed: according to the police investigation, Jaydeen Grant went missing from the community in Argyle Mountain on Saturday, February 3, 2018. On Friday, February 16, shortly after 2:00 p.m., reportedly, Jaydeen’s decomposing body parts were discovered in the bushes of the Hanover side of Argyle Mountain. The police have theorised that her attacker may have chopped her body into pieces after her death and then scattered her body parts in sections of bushes.

According to the police, sections of her body parts and her hair were all seen scattered in the bushes.

Now residents of Argyle Mountain are reporting that the man in custody is the alleged cousins of Jaydeen. According to some of the residents, on the night of her death, the 17-year-old went to a party and her cousin was at the same party. He allegedly commanded her to go home, and she refused. So, according to our source, he went back to Jaydeen’s family’s house and awaited her return home from the party. After she returned home in the before-daylight on Saturday morning, February 3, our source told us, she went missing.

Argyle Mountain Hanover Teen Killed: One man told Mckoy’s News that on Sunday (the next day), February 4, the sister of the said cousin in police custody informed Jaydeen’s mother that she found Jaydeen’s cellphone, along with some bloody clothes in the house where her brother lives. On the alarm in the community about the findings, Jaydeen’s mother went to the home, where she located her daughter’s cell phone and some bloody clothes belonging to the cousin.

The police were alerted, but the said cousin was nowhere to be found until he was later caught and arrested. Mckoy’s News cannot mention his name or other intricacies of this news because of the ongoing police investigation.

Residents are saying that this man has been known to allegedly commit several crimes in the community, however, he has allegedly been shielded for many years by the same family, until his deeds have now reached their backyard.

Argyle Mountain Hanover Teen Killed: a community member also told us that the cousin in custody, allegedly bragged in Lucea town police jail, saying he was locked up because he was paid to kill someone. Other prisoners, our source relayed, did not believe him until one of them phoned someone on the outside to confirm what he was told, and found out that there was such an incident on Argyle Mountain. The residents deny that the cousin was paid to kill Jaydeen Grant, but can confirm that he is allegedly fingered as the main suspect in his cousin’s murder.

Two persons told us that she may have been allegedly raped by the cousin before she was murdered.

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