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Area One Police Sends Strong Warning To Motorcycle Riders


Latest Jamaica News: Following a series of road fatalities involving motorcycle riders, across western Jamaica over the past weeks, the Area One police say they are now sending a strong warning to motorcyclists who constantly disobey the road code, to be aware that they are coming after them.

The warning by the Area One police comes in the wake of two more motorcycle riders, who lost their lives in separate road accidents, across western Jamaica, on Sunday, July 15.

Those killed have been identified as as 40-year-old Clifton Hines, otherwise called “Rat” of Scarlett Hall, in Falmouth, Trelawny and 27-year-old Lynton Malcolm, a waiter of Mt Piece district, in Lucea Hanover.

In the first incident which the Falmouth police say is a hit and run accident, Hines was riding his motorcycle from the directions of Falmouth towards Salt Marsh, about 5:45 a.m. on Sunday.

On reaching a section of Bogue Gate main road, a grey car traveling behind him, reportedly knocked him from the motorcycle and drive away. Hines was rushed to the Falmouth hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

About 11:20 p.m. on Sunday, Malcolm and a friend were traveling on a motorcycle along Seaview drive in Lucea, Hanover.

On reaching the vicinity of Courts Furniture Store, Malcolm lost control of the motorcycle and crashed into another motorbike which was traveling immediately in front of him.

The impact of the crash threw him unto a concrete utility pole and he died on the spot. The pillion traveling on the rear of his motorcycle was transported to the Lucea Hospital in serious condition.

The police say they will now be enforcing the laws against motorcycle riders because too much road fatalities are taking place.

According to the police, “It is full time we start going after these motorcycle riders and ensure that they abide by the rules of the road code. Motorcyclist caught without wearing their helmets, or other riding gears will receive the full blunt of the law“.

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