Appeal Court Overturns Interim Order Granted to “Mobay Pride”

Latest Jamaica News, St James (McKoy’s News): The St. James Municipal Corporation appealed a decision made by the Supreme Court to grant permission to host ‘Mobay Pride Fest’ at the Montego Bay Cultural Centre for a forum themed “Is Jamaica Ready for Same Sex Marriage?”. The Corporation had withdrawn approval for the event which was scheduled for October 13, 2019, which ensued in a court battle between the city’s mayor and the event organizer.

On Friday October 18th, The Court of Appeal overturned the decision made by Justice Batts in the Supreme Court after learning that the topic to be discussed was ‘Is Jamaica ready for same sex marriage?’

In handing down its ruling, Justice Patrick Brooks, one of three Court of Appeal judges who presided over the matter, said Justice Batts erred in his finding of facts.

Justice Brooks said as a result, the decision by Justice Batts must be set aside, with the Court of Appeal ruling also that a mandatory injunction could not be granted under the circumstances.

Montego Bay Pride, which says it was created to allow marginalised and abused members of Jamaica’s LGBT communities feel like they have a place in the country, filed the lawsuit against the mayor and the St James Municipal Corporation after they banned the organisation from using the cultural centre.


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