Another snake found in Montego Bay

Another snake, a Jamaican Boa, has been captured in Montego Bay, St James, this time in the Peaceview-Cassava Walk area.

Two weeks ago a large Boa, endemic to Jamaica and harmless, was captured near the centre of the western city, and turned over to National Environment Planning Agency (NEPA).

Several citizens Peaceview-Cassava Walk were stunned when they woke up on Saturday morning to see a big snake being captured in their community.

Demaro Spence, a young boy in the community first got wind of something strange when on Friday evening, about 8 o’clock he heard a hissing sound behind a zinc fence.

He called out to say there was a snake there, but no one took him seriously.

It was not until he removed the zinc that people gathered around to see the back end of a big Jamaica Boa snake.

A resident in the community, Patrick Dawkins also called Buju, captured the reptile and put it in a big bucket. The snake is about seven feet long.

Area residents say the snake was brought into the area about two years ago but escaped, and there was a fruitless search for it, until Friday night.

Jacqueline Forbes who is a citizen of the community was pleased for the recapture of the snake, “I feel good to know that they have captured this huge Boa, people were wondering where was the snake over the two years since they said it escaped into the community. I am now happy that it is captured.”.

A member from the NEPA accompanied by the police went to retrieve the snake on behalf of the agency. Just two weeks ago another snake was captured along a section of Orange Street in the town, he was also presented to NEPA.

Patrick Dawkins the man who handed over the snake said, “I am so disappointed that I was not rewarded for my efforts.” He said people wanted to chop up the snake and he protected it.

The Jamaican Boa is a protected species and should not be harmed by anyone.


Alan Lewin – News Reporter

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