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Another Man Killed Under Zone of Special Operations, in Mount Salem


In less than a week, two men have been shot and killed by armed men, in sections of Mount Salem, in St James, which has been crime-free, and under a Zone of Special Operation, for over the past three years.

The police have not yet released the identity of the latest victim, who was gunned down during the hours of the Covid-19 Disaster Risk Management Act curfew hours, on Sunday, May 30.

Reports are that the male victim was standing at a section of Campbell’s Lane, in Mount Salem, when he was ambushed and shot by armed men.

Following the shooting, a joint police/military team carried out a search in the community, and were engaged in a shoot-out with a group of armed men.

Just last week, another man was shot and killed in the Crawford Street area of Mount Salem, while he was dumping garbage at a garbage bin in the community, which also falls within the Zone of Special Operation boundaries.

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