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Montego Bay, St James (Mckoy’s News) – Double Murder in St James: The Area One police in Montego Bay, St James have now commenced investigations into the circumstances surrounding the double murder of two men in the parish on Monday afternoon.

The dead men have been identified as Jonathan Daley otherwise called (Chris), 32-year-old chef of Porto Bello Meadows and Asha Barrett 20 years old handyman also of Porto Bello Meadows and Yallas in St Thomas.

Reports by the police are that about 12:30 pm on Monday. Daley and Barrett were walking along the Farm Heights main road.

On reaching the vicinity of the Top Flex Mall three men travelling in a white motor car pulled up alongside them.

Two of the men travelling in the car open fire hitting Daley. Barrett ran and he to was chased and shot several times.

Both men were killed on the spot and the gunmen made good their escape in the directions of the Porto Bello community. The police were summoned and upon arrival both victims were transported to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where they were pronounced dead.

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