Another Double Murder in May Pen, Clarendon

Latest Jamaica News, Clarendon (McKoy’s News): Double Murder in May Pen The May Pen police in Clarendon, are now carrying out investigations surrounding the shooting death of two men in the parish on Sunday, August 18.

Those killed have been identified as 26-year-old Shemar Josephs, and 34-year-old Alando Lewis, both of Bucks Avenue, also in Clarendon.

Reports by the police are that about 11:00 a.m., on Sunday, Josephs and Lewis were among a group of friends in their community when a car drove to the area.

Two men alighted from the vehicle and brandished handguns. They then opened fire on the group of men, hitting Josephs and Lewis multiple times to their bodies before escaping in the waiting motor car.

The police were summoned and upon their arrival, both victims were rushed to hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

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