Another Armed Robbery in Manchester

The parish of Manchester is now on edge, following another armed robbery just minutes after armed men invaded Spaldings, robbing a Chinese store, and shooting up the Spaldings. police station.

The most recent incident took place about 10:00 a.m., on Holy Thursday, April 19, where a lone gunman went to another store in Christiana and robbed the operators of an undetermined sum of money.

A few hours earlier, the security forces deployed several teams in sections of Spaldings, in Manchester and Clarendon, in search of armed men who robbed a Chinese store on Wednesday night and later shot up the Spaldings police station, resulting in a police officer being injured.

The community of Spalding lies on the border of Manchester, and Clarendon, but all of Wednesday night’s happening took place in the Manchester policing area.

It is reported that shortly after 6:30 p.m., on Wednesday, a group of armed robbers dressed in army fatigue, robbed a Chinese operated store, which is located in the township of Spaldings.

While in the process of making their escape, the gunmen who were armed with M-16 assault rifles opened fire on the Spaldings police station, which resulted in one officer being shot in the abdomen.

The gunmen made their escape in a waiting motor car, towards the directions of Frankfield community, minutes after launching their attack on the police station. The gunmen also fired on a number of motor vehicles in the area, which resulted in a number of them being damaged.

The wounded policeman was rushed to the hospital, where he was treated immediately, and admitted in stable condition.


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