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Annotto Bay Double Murder Taxi Driver and Passenger


Annotto Bay, St. Mary (McN) – Two families are left in grief after a double murder in Annotto Bay on Saturday.

A taxi driver and his passenger were shot and killed in the motorcar on Saturday, Fort George, Annotto Bay, in St Mary, by unknown assailants.

The deceased are 47-year-old taxi driver Robert Brown and 34-year-old cashier Diana Boothe.

They were killed by by unknown assailants. The police believe that robbery was the motive for their death.

Police are investigating, while the community is in shambles at that shock of the murders.

Brown was found stumped over in his taxi, while Boothe body was discovered metres away, as she attempted to get away from the killer.

Brown’s wife said he was a deacon in church, and a loving, dependable, hardworking, kind father of three, one of which is adopted.

Boothe died leaving three children also, ages 5, ten and 16. Their maternal grandmother says they are not doing well with the loss of their mom, who just left them for work.

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