Anglican Church wants to Invest in Ganja; Rastas say no, Slams Church, Queen Elizabeth as Hypocrites

Jamaica News: As the Church of England gears up to change its investment fund rules to enable itself to make investments in medicinal ganjacompanies, Jamaican Rastas are hopping mad about this move by the Anglicans, labelling it “the heights of hypocrisy”.

Founding president of the Westmoreland Hemp and Ganja Farmers Association, Ras Iyah V blasted the Church and the 93 year old Monarch Queen Elizabeth II as deceitful, charging that atrocities committed against Rastas over the use of ganja for many decades were done in the name of Her Majesty.

“It is not only hypocritical; but it is evil to know that even at this very moment they will be legally able to invest in cannabis I and I as the Rastafari community is still not able to invest meaningfully in an industry that Rasta has bourne the brunt of the persecution for,” Ras Iyah V told McKoys News on Sunday night.

“Here is the church of the very system that was responsible for the colonial laws which persecuted Rasta now, going to invest. Anything that the State did, the Church gave it its blessing. I have gone to jail and I have gone to a lot of court and the Court papers say Regina (The Queen) versus Iyah V,” he argued.

The Anglicans’ investment arm, the Church Commissioners Fund, recently said it is willing to invest in the weed for the first time, claiming it holds the drugs to the same standards as other pharmaceuticals. The funf manages approximately £8.3 million or US$10.5 billion in assets which are used in the financing of the Church’s ongoing expenses.

The Church has not escaped the wrath of president of the Hanover Hemp and Ganja Farmers Association, Steven Rivierie. According to the Rastafarian, the Anglican institution should concern itself with paying reparations for the Transatlantic Slave Trade instead of trying to meddle in ganja business.

“I find that extremely hypocritical. I have to speak as a Jamaican, as a Rastafari. We need access to land in Jamaica. The majority of land in Jamaica is crown land. Why are we required to show all kind of documentation concerning the land that we are pursuing ganja licence for?” he said.

“If that is the case then the Queen should say ‘Jamaican farmers we want to partner with you in cannabis and give access to crown lands’. That’s why I said they are hypocritical. If I were charged with a ganja offence tomorrow, and went to court next week the first words in the court would be ‘oh yea, oh yea, God save the Queen’, because the whole legal system in Jamaica is under the dominion of her Majesty Elizabeth II,” Rivierie declared.

The Anglican Church has also been criticized by at least one of its clergy members in the UK. Jules Gomes, a former vicar on the Ile of Man was quoted in an article in the Daily Caller as accusing the church of going along with “any fashionable ideology that pops up.

“Why does the church have to invest in something that it knows little about?” Gomes said.

“In what way does investing in medicinal marijuana further the mission of preaching the gospel and making disciples?’ he questioned.

Medicinal ganja was legalized in the UK in November 2018 and small quantities of the weed were decriminalised in Jamaica in April 2015. It is expected that global medicinal ganja market will grow to more than US$50 billion in 2029.

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