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American Singer Mya Celebrates 25th Career Anniversary in Jamaica

American singer Mya celebrated her 25th anniversary as a singer at the Lovers & Friends concert at Grizzly’s Plantation Cove in St. Ann on Saturday.

During an interview with popular YouTube vlogger Dutty Berry, she noted that the support from fans globally has been her fuel after all this time, and believes that she has yet to maximize her potential.

“I love music. Whether it’s songwriting, expressing myself—obviously Performing is an extension of that. I’ve been performing since I was a kid so it’s something I love to do. My dad still performs. He’s a singer. I love music though, and I love people and people keep me going. It’s all about them at the end of the day and when you give you receive. But, I have much better on the way. My best art and work is coming. I finished two albums during the pandemic and it’s beautiful and it’s timeless so I can’t wait to share that,” she said.

Mya is most popularly known among Jamaicans for her collaboration with Beenie Man on Girls Dem Sugar. She’s also teamed up with Spice, Jah Cure, Ding Dong and most recently Bounty Killer.

When the now 43-year-old singer burst onto the scene at just 18, it was an anomaly for a mixed-race female to be dabbling in pop music. However, Mya told Dutty Berry that the inception of her career was built solely on experimentation.

“I was with a label that didn’t understand R&B and they were all rap and rock so it was kinda like testing the experiment to figure out what this is and I had a lot of support so we were just trying to figure it out ,” she explained.
Mya hinted that her soon to be released song will be one that “you can dance to it. It’s a cultural dance.”

As she inches closer to her mid 40s, Mya still looks as youthful as ever. When asked what her secret was she responded:

“No drama. Nuh stress. Eliminate all of the craziness. Protect your energy…I know what drama looks like because I’ve been through drama so I’m very, very cautious and making sure I get some alone time…self care is very important. This diet, this exercise.”

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