Former Ambassador to Cuba and former Director of Protocol in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Elinor Feliz is dead.  Ambassador Feliz passed away this morning (June 7, 2019).

Ambassador Feliz was a public servant for several decades which included a stint at JAMPRO and many years in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.  She is a graduate of the University of Toronto where she earned the Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages (French and Spanish) and a Master of Science in Public Administration from the University of the West Indies.  She attended the St Andrew High School.

She served as Ambassador to the Republic of Cuba from 2004 to February 2009.  Having retired from the foreign service, Ambassador was employed at the Caribbean Maritime University up the time of her passing.

May her soul rest in peace.  Funeral arrangements will be announced later.


[Contributed by His Excellency Professor Colin O Jarrett]  


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