Alleged Homosexual Love Triangle Turns Deadly

Latest Jamaica News (McKoy’s News): A practical nurse was offered bail last Thursday, after spending five months behind bars, for the murder of 30-year-old Courtney Hardware, a nursing student of Parry Town, St Ann.

The accused, 22-year-old Domorick Rhoden, was granted $500,000 bail in the St Mary Parish Court.

According to reports, Hardware went missing on Tuesday, March 5 of this year. Days later, his body was found with multiple stab wounds in bushes, in the Three Hills area of St Mary.

Following the discovery of Courtney Hardware’s body, investigations led to the arrests of Rhoden and another man. However, a statement from the other man linked the murder to Rhoden, which resulted in the man being released and Rhoden subsequently charged with the murder.

Allegations are that Rhoden, Hardware and the other man (who is now crown witness in the case), were involved in a homosexual relationship. An altercation developed between Rhoden and Hardware, which resulted in Hardware being stabbed to death.

Rhoden’s attorney denied the allegations that have been made against his client and is claiming that, it is the other man (crown witness) who actually did the killing.

Rhoden’s next court date is set for October 23.

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