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Alleged “G-City” Gang Member Arrested and Charged for Extortion

Latest Jamaica News, Montego Bay (McKoy’s News): Gang Member Arrested A man who the St James Police say boasted to a female victim to be a hardcore member of the notorious G-City gang, was arrested and charged after he extorted cash amounting to more than $100,000 from the said female, whom he also threatened to kill.

He has been identified as 26-year-old Odain Tomlinson, unemployed of Farm Heights community, also in St James.

Reports by the police are that on July 2019, Tomlinson was introduced to a 28-year-old female, who resides at Jarrett Terrace in Montego Bay, by a friend to be a top man in the G-City gang.

After talking with the woman Tomlinson then demanded that she pay over $20,000 to him for protection or he and other members of G-City gang would return and kill her.

The frightened woman quickly paid over the money to the accused. A few days later Tomlinson returned and again demanded more money, in exchange for not hurting the woman.

She again paid over a large sum of money to him and he left.

Since then Tomlinson has been repeatedly extorting cash from the female, allegedly in exchange that he and his gang would not kill her.

On August 23, he again returned and demanded that she paid another sum of money to her, while informing her that he and his gang were getting hot in Mobay, and that they needed the money to leave town.

The woman told Tomlinson that she did not have any more cash, but he insisted that she finds the money, or she would be killed.

The woman went inside her house and immediately called the police. Tomlinson was held by the police in the community, and charged with extortion this on Wednesday, August 28.

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