Lawyer Will Not Apply For Bail For Alleged Fake Doctor Until Outcome Of Her Case In Kingston

Jamaica Crime News: Alleged Fake Doctor –  A woman who reportedly passed off herself as a medical doctor and conned a Montego Bay businessman out of nearly  $20,000 was on Tuesday remanded in police custody as her lawyer has placed his bail application on hold.

England appeared before presiding judge Sandria Wong-Small on Tuesday to face charges of obtaining money by false pretences, uttering a forged document and breaching the Medical Act.

Attorney-at-law Martyn Thomas who represents the accused woman, deferred his application pending the outcome of her case in Kingston. She pleaded guilty to similar charges in the Corporate Court in Kingston and sentencing has been set for May 3.

During Tuesday’s court sitting, Thomas asked that England’s cell phone that was taken from her by the police at the Falmouth Police Station be returned to her. He said there was information on the phone that could assist the defence and would like to retrieve the information.

Meanwhile, presiding judge Sandria Wong-Small indicated to Thomas that she needs proof of his client’s correct name. The attorney told her that a deed poll was done and that the relevant documents were in possession of the court in Kingston.

In response, Wong-Small told Thomas that she needs it to be independently verified.

England reportedly met the Montego Bay businessman in June 2017 and introduced herself to him as England McCrane. She told him that she was a medical doctor in training and was expecting a settlement of US$5.9 million in a wrongly death claim that involved her brother Shawn McCrane.

Subsequently, she asked the complainant for assistance in investment ideas and provided him with a copy of the settlement letter. Soon after, he went into an agreement with her for the sale of his motor vehicle worth $4.8 million with the promise to pay upon receipt of the settlement.

She also told the businessman that she was diagnosed with a tumour and took loans from him to cover her medical expenses, as well as to cover her living expenses. A total of US$19,243 was paid out to her, including the car.

When the money was not forthcoming, the complainant carried out his own investigations and discovered that England had fabricated the story about the settlement. He also discovered that the settlement letter was forged.

England is also alleged to have written prescriptions for an employee of the complainant and visited pharmacies under the pretext of a medical doctor.

The complainant sought the intervention of the police and it came to light that she was previously Alicia Patrice England and was deported from the USA for a similar offence. Additionally, the doctor’s registration number that she was using was not legitimate.

The complainant’s car was returned to him.


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