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Woman Crime Boss and Two Men Arrested in Alleged Extortion Scheme

Manchester, Jamaica (McN) – Police say they have busted a major extortion scheme, and have arrested a woman who is the alleged crime boss of the extortion ring, along with two men, who are key players. The group allegedly threatens the lives of business operators, with a zero tolerance policy, if the business owners refuse to pay the extortion fee or move to any other area to operate their business.

Police say they have identified an extortion scheme, attacking businesses in Spanish Town, Mandeville and Maypen.

The extortioners in a letter to business owners demand a monthly payments of up to $30,000, and threatened to harm business operators if they do not pay the “fee to operate” their business in Jamaica, or is late with their payment to the extortionist.

Parts of the extortion letter threatens to kill the business owners and their family members if they contact the police about their threats.


“This letter serves to inform you that as of now you will be required to pay a sum of money to this system every month end to operate a business here,”

“If you choose to close your business establishment and move elsewhere, you may do so at your own free will, however this system will be placed in all three counties Cornwall, Middlesex and Surrey therefore if your business or identity comes across the radar in any of the other thirteen parishes or in another area within this parish you now operate it will be treated as a violation and you will be killed,”

“Avoiding payments (will) result in whatever action that is deemed fit to teach you the importance of compliance and punctuality,” the letter stated.


A hotline number has been established at the Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime (CTOC) for any business operators or anyone who has received any of these letters or telephone calls demanding extortion money.

Police urge business owners who receive these letters not to pay this fee, but to immediately call the hotline number:

967-1389. Calls can also be made to 1-800 Corrupt (1-800-267-7878) or Crime Stop‎ at 113.

Police say they that their investigations into this extortion scheme are progressing, and they are confident that all responsible will be brought to justice.

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