Alleged Cow Thief Arrested in St Elizabeth

A St Elizabeth man who was allegedly caught in possession of a stolen cow in his motor vehicle, along a section of the Vauxhall main road in Maggotty, St Elizabeth, on Thursday, August 24, has been taken into police custody.

The identity of the accused man is being withheld until he has been officially charged.

Reports are that about 12:30am, the police received information that cow thieves were seen stealing cows from a farm in the area, and had escaped in a Mazda Premacy Motor car.

The lawmen intercepted the vehicle along the Vauxhall main road, where they discovered a live cow tucked away in the trunk of the vehicle.

The accused was unable to explain how he came to be in possession of the animal, and he was taken into custody.

Acting Superintendent of Police for the parish of St Elizabeth, Coleridge Minto, stated that Praedial larceny has been a challenge in the parish, hence the police will be strengthening their partnership with the farming communities to apprehend all perpetrators, and bring praedial larceny under control.

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