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All Four Victims in Westmoreland Motorcycle Crash Indentified       

Jamaica News, Westmoreland: All four persons who lost their lives in a double motorcycle accident along a section of the Sheffield main road in Westmoreland on Wednesday night, May 30, have now been identified.

They have been identified as, 32-year-old Everton Spence of Sheffield District, 33-year-old Ryan Robinson, selector and businessman of White Hall in Negril, 21-year-old Shakera Hawthorne of Sheffield District and 20-year-old Kaydean Campbell, also of Sheffield District.

Reports by the Negril police are that shortly after 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday, both Shakera and Campbell who are best friends were travelling on a motorcycle being ridden by Robinson.  The three were heading from the directions of Negril to Sheffield.

On reaching a section of the Sheffield main road, Robinson and his two female pillions were in the process of turning when Spence who was riding another motorcycle collided with them.

Graphic Photos: Popular Selector among Four Killed in Horrific Westmoreland Bike Crash

The impact of the crash sent all four persons hurling to the pavement.  Robinson along with Spence and both female victims suffered severe head and body injuries.

The police were summoned and upon arrival, the four were rushed to the Savanna-la-mar hospital where they were all pronounced dead.

Robinson is a very popular sound System selector in Western Jamaica who goes by the name “Force Ripe” and he is one of the top selectors on the Black Blunt Sound System out of Negril in Westmoreland.


By Henry Bucknor   

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