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Alkaline’s Sister Allegedly Adds Fire to the Fury in Feud with the 6ix


Latest Entertainment News [ Mckoy’s News] Alkaline’s Sister Adds Fire to the Fury – In a recent post made by Alkaline’s sister, who goes by the Instagram name “kereberry_new_era_ent” it is alleged that she was setting fire to the already heated lyrical feud between her brother, Alkaline, Chronic Law and Squash from the 6ix group. The comment was made following a picture of a screenshot posted by producer 1Gegodon of Alkaline’s new single “Nuh Depend Pan Nobody” (Trending #1) which was said to be a song ‘dissing’ the 6ix artistes.

The comment which reads “Crossfit accepting members free for the whole month” has fans who support all three artistes sharing strong views either opposing or defending such statement as they said it’s sending a subliminal message ‘dissing’ the 6ix. YOUTUBE vloggers also agreed to these allegations by stating that Alkaline’s sister seem to be sarcastically sending a message to the 6ix while throwing jabs at Squash and Chronic Law’s weight, as “Crossfit” is the name of a physical fitness company.

Alkaline’s Sister Allegedly Adds Fire to the Fury in Feud with the 6ix

The alleged ‘diss’ could be therefore interpreted that ‘kereberry_new_era_ent’ is saying that no matter how hard the 6ix, (Chronic Law and Squash in particular) try to reach Alkaline’s level in dncaehall, they will never get there physically because both men are unhealthy (in terms of their body weight) and lyrically because despite the 6ix producing good music Alkaline is still ‘trending #1.’ Viewers were reacting to the comment with hilarious jabs and even responses from the blogger of one of Alkaline’s social media handle ‘Alkalinemusic’ “buy dem a treadmill nuh, feel sorry fi di beast;” he suggested. Another viewer was in disagreement as she claimed that the song is a replica of the 6ix artistes’ pattern of music; “want a little hype, run down the six dem style” she claims.

The comment which is still trending on sites such as YOUTUBE and INSTAGRAM by vloggers and fans send a number of other contrasting views and opinions about the artistes and who is really ‘trending’. One viewer of a vlogger’s post in a YOUTUBE video says “Stop stop public service announcement alkaline is not in the group of artists who are Elites in dancehall music with no apology it is just facts and you Vendetta low-information fans cannot beat the truth. kool.” In another comment, one viewer shared his dissatisfaction in the way Alkaline treats his fans and his lack of respect and as a result it’s backfiring on him. He says “Youth stop chat bout people a fight alkaline a him a mek it look so. Him a copycat.  Alkaline no response bout him fans not even interview him no do all pon IG not one Gyal him no follower. Worst him no have no respect. And him no straight him act like say him a the greatest thing.”

However, there are other fans who believes that Alkaline is still relevant in the music industry, his songs speaks volume  and he is just merely being himself who is an introvert or ‘antisocial’ being as he admitted. “Big up Alkaline good young artist, very talented & underated artist. He is a little antisocial for an artist but its all good. Not everyone like crowd but he is still quite relevant because ppl still looking out for new music from him;” says another viewer.

Supporters of Squash and Chronic Law and the entire 6ix family also shared their comments defending the artistes and disputing post made by the ‘the man himself’ saying that he is not ‘the man’ anymore or at the moment as things have changed. One supporter said “Yeah man alkaline a bad bad bigg artise….but things change dem run weh lef dem place an come back it change up.” There are some fans who believe that the 6ix family only possesses one talented artiste; “6 only have 1 artist (chronic law) the others are tomartist.” While another viewer refuted this claim by stating that Squash is also just as talented; “Squash got melodies but he’s not a lyrical artist,” he said.

The dancehall artistes Alkaline and head of the ‘6ix’ family Squash were said to be in an ongoing ‘lyrical’ feud since the past month with the release of Alkaline’s song “Elite” along with a subliminal post on Instagram in which viewers alleged was the initiation of the disrespect being uttered at the 6ix. In response, a post was made by the leader of the 6ix team, Squash, through a song called “Bull Dog” in which the vloggers and fans alleged was aimed at the ‘Young lord’ Alkaline.  This went well for the fans who were anxiously awaiting Alkaline’s ‘clapback’ which was believed to be dropped shortly after called “Nuh Depend Pan Nobody.” However, with Alkaline’s song now trending#1 and the recent comment made by his sister, the public is again awaiting to see if this will quench or only propel the lyrical ‘war.’

The music industry in Jamaica has been thriving with the numerous talents, some of whom are uprising but the cake is there for all to get a slice so it’s time the artistes all get along and support each other, let’s hope they will take heed to this message.

Natasha Williams – Writer

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