Alkaline’s ‘High Props’ To The Ladies: Listen

Who doesn’t like props?

An ode to the ladies, Alkaline changes the style, tempo and subject, from the recent plethora of lyrical gun ‘chunes’ in dancehall.

Here, Alkaline, whose real name is Earlan Bartley, acknowledges the high style, naturally sexy girl, and pops a collar in High Props to her. A topic in dancehall that will never fail, High Props will definitely inspire the female ‘walk-out’ forward in virtual parties this weekend.  Released on May 4, 2020, the Armzhouse Records product does not readily command attention, but will grow on you, after repeated listens and appreciation of the woman.

Putting in focus her natural and acquired assets Alkaline in a paced flow, promises to take the goddess on a ride. – real hot gyal mi give yuh high props…bad in every season neva drop a ketch, anodda time anodda reason, she have di quality and she nuh ordinary, and all the while she prettier than halle berry”

Highlighting her poise, her form and her aura, that comes naturally while others have to rehearse the same, the woman he addresses is bound to be heightened in confidence. The Spoil Yuh artiste stops at nothing to elevate the already set high props, as he spears no words in boasting how her persona has all the males going crazy for her, while she’s only being herself. The Vendetta boss is smitten and is putting himself forward, to take her on a ride, while he stays on the inside.

As his imagination unravels, the lyrical appreciation goes on the hunt to woo her with various compliments and promises of a pleasure filled sexual experience.

Under the influence of the Hennessy she’s moves like a goddess to the caress his propped manhood and affectionate words.

Complimented by the realism in his voice, Alkaline rounds off the song of accolades, pledging his high regard, noting he will never judge her or share the stories of their moments with any other.

This one will definitely be loved by the females. Perhaps the quiet, shy male can use this when he next serenade his High Props deserving girl.  Listen to the new track below.


Source; Dancehallmag

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