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Alkaline Shows “Nuh Mercy” to Vybz Kartel, Squash and Heavy D after they cry ‘Cree’

Latest Entertainment [ Mckoy’s News ] The “vendetta boss” Alkaline lyrically slaughters Vybz Kartel, Squash and his mother, Chronic Law, Heavy D and even their producer ShabDon in his recent song titled “Nuh Mercy,” that was released earlier today.

Alkaline and the 6ix have been firing back ‘diss’ songs at each other since summer but in a recently leaked voice note with the 6ix manager, Heavy D, he cried ‘cree,’ asking for Alkaline to bring peace and quell the lyrical war, as he raises the white flag on the battlefield. Fans supporting both artistes are currently in frenzy on social media debating that this is the most creatively arranged, lyrical and “hottest diss song” coming from either side of the clash.

The well-composed track starts out with an intro which is alleged to be a voice note from Heavy D begging Alkaline to call truce, make peace and end the clash. The man is heard saying, “Mi need fi talk to Alkaline [because] wi affi do a peace dealings…mi affi get it under control…dem a seh Heavy D.” Alkaline immediately rejects this proposal when he ‘clapback’ to this statement saying “Only peace, a dem a rest inna peace, s**k unu madda wid dat, nuh peace treaty!”

The pinnacle of disrespect continues throughout the song as Alkaline allegedly disses Vybz Kartel, Squash and producer ShabDon in one breath. “Gyal a poop, gyal a s**t up inna yuh sore mouth, turtle neck a wah happen to yuh…when since it alright fi praise friend killa…ShabDon wah nyam pm pm fi dinner and a hype like rat baboon dat anuh gorilla.” Turtle neck, as nicknamed by Alkaline refers to Squash who the artiste disrespectfully says is involve in unhygienic activities with females, which results in his mouth sores. The direct hit at Kartel is suspected to be in reference to “praising friend killer;” as the 6ix has recently join the Vybz Kartel’s ‘GazaNation’ and have been doing collaborations with the ‘dancehall king’ whom they also admire as a role model. Vybz Kartel is currently serving a prison sentence for killing his friend Clive “Lizard” Williams in 2013. Producer ShabDon is not spared as Alkaline, while referring to him as “ShabNyam” in a previous clash song, now blatantly and descriptively says ShabDon is a lover of oral sex.

In another personal attack on Squash’s mother, the artiste shows no mercy to the woman as he alludes to her having six different baby fathers for her six children “…six a dem, six daddy when mi check out…” and says her body is now “Out of Order.” The tarnishing insults never cease as Chronic Law as nicknamed “Frog Face” in the song and Squash ‘Turtle’ are accused of being lyrically incompetent. “Di two f*g cyah find no lyrics, Frog Face and Turtle ano nutten fi mi diss…addi same song book dem a use, Beavis and Butt-head dancehall catfish…” Heavy D also faces another slap in the face with the lyrics “Mi buss di eagle pon Heavy D bwai, look pon him a drop.”

The track currently reaches over 157,000 views with over 4700 comments on Alkaline’s YouTube channel since it was unleash today. Supporters from both side of the divide flooded his channel with accusations of the artiste having personal contacts with associates of the 6ix team because most of his lyrics are factual.

“Alka haffy have sumady close to squash #. This ute a get too much info.” In agreement, another comment reads “Alkaline dig for pure facts before him put out a song jah know the youth a genius #MVP’’

Another supporter creatively summarized most of the vendetta boss’ previous diss songs and says the 6ix careers and lives have now ended as they died a lyrical death with the stabbing lyrics from Alkaline’s “Nuh Mercy.”

it reads, “Breaking News… Alkaline is Most Wanted for being “Murderous” & having “Nuh Mercy” towards d 6ix dem in “Death Announcements” causing “State A Emergency”…stay tune for more details…Ooosh!!!”

Other 6ix fans who are still on the 6ix side disregard such comments and says the song is the “weakest clash song they ever heard from Alkaline” and the artiste is solely disrespecting Squash’s mom and the 6ix team but the song and overall production is crappy.

Nevertheless, Alkaline is obviously not backing down from the war as he claims he was not the one who started the feud as the 6ix and Vybz Kartel have been throwing subliminal messages at him in songs, prior to the clash. “Long time rookie dem a throw wod, si di badness start and dem a cough up blood/Den a seh a me start it and a guh to Babylon a seh artiste fi show more love.”

Will Heavy D lowers the white flag and allow Squash and Chronic Law to respond or will the vendetta boss be the ‘last man standing’ in the clash? The ball is in Heavy D’s court, stay tune to Mckoy’s News to get the latest update on which direction he will roll it.

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