Alkaline Shares His Origin Story In New Music Video For ‘Ocean Wave’: Watch

New visuals for Alkaline’s Ocean Wave single debuted today, May 31st, on the dancehall deejay’s YouTube page.

The official audio for the track was released back in March in a grand undertaking as his other MVP colleagues, Mavado and Jahmiel, also dropped their singles Life and Shepherd respectively, at the same time, all on the Soul Survivor Riddim.

The wait was worth it, courtesy of KD Visuals and director Troyton Rami Music, the scenes of the music video pulls audiences in for a gripping flashback to Alkaline’s life as a boy enhanced with a fictional tale. Earlan ‘Alkaline’ Bartley may not be of this world; he certainly acts that way in real life.

In the first scenes, young Earlan discovers old newspaper clippings his parents hid in a trinket box, the headlines of such flashes across the screen:

‘Huge Waves Hits South East of Jamaica,’ ‘High Level Of Alkaline Found In The Water At Impact Site,’ and ‘Mysterious Baby Found Off The Coast of Jamaica After An Impact That Created Waves Over 50ft,’ the clippings read.
The clippings are dated December 1993, the same month and year Alkaline was born.

Similar to many superhero movies, viewers are left to envision the Champion Boy deejay as a supernatural being. Spawned from a chemical reaction of a specific metal in the earth, hence his name Alkaline. His arrival came through a mysterious impact that hit the Earth and caused a massive tidal wave in the Caribbean Sea.

The visuals continue to depict as such, they show him as a teen starting to experience anamnesis. Memories of a flaming asteroid approaching earth along with flickers of the ocean scape, compels him to scribble a few things down on paper – the lyrics to  ‘Ocean Wave’.

The young Vendetta spearhead knows precisely where to go, and so do his parents.

He snatches his jacket off the clothesline and whisks away on his bike. The last we saw him is on a mountaintop overlooking the ocean. So when his folks come to get him, Earlan is gone.

He is now Alkaline, souped-up, and standing tall, singing the lyrics of the song beside his Lamborghini Huracan. The scenes are filled with clues and signs of everything Alkaline represents; his signature mask logoed on his jacket, the origin of his name, and the inspiration behind his eccentric character.

Pay attention, check out the vivid music video for Ocean Wave, produced by Tru Ambassador Entertainment below –


Source: Dancehallmag

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