Alkaline Sends Shots At Popcaan’s ‘FIXTAPE’, Renames It ‘FISHTAPE’

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The Unruly Boss’ FIXTAPE is already stirring controversy even though it was only released today at midnight on August 7.

Mavado’s MVP has already taken aim at Popcaan, with one of their front-liners, Alkaline, taking to Twitter to express his feeling about Popcaan’s latest offering after he was asked by a fan about when he would be releasing his own mixtape.

“Ya tell me dat fa battyman ??guh listen yuh fishtape n lif up” Alkaline replied in a Tweet early this morning.

There was little doubt that shots would be fired, especially after Drake’s Instagram comment last night, August 6, before the release of FIXTAPE.

“Some bwoy love chat about yaad man and some next [email protected]#ckery and all now dem can’t catch up to the 876 Gad go hold a one seat and a box juice and hush ya mout OVO Unruly,” Drake commented on Popcaan’s LIVE before the release of the project.

It’s not surprising that Alkaline would come for Popcaan as they have dueled in the past starting around four years ago, after Alkaline accused the Family singer of stealing his flow. That war came to a head early in 2017, Popcaan released Stray Dog aimed at Alkaline who responded with Microwave.

Popcaan sang: “…you no bad like Rihanna… Shot we play inna your head like piano… Me and your badness could a never similar,” and Alkaline responded: “Streets dun know man legit inna war… Dem a boots up a likkle midget inna war… Flopcaan, worl know seh yuh nuh badman… Yuh get 30 million dolla wut a ride and a range as a prize.”

Most of Alkaline’s fans have encouraged him to ignore Popcaan’s release and focus on his own music but judging by that response, another dancehall war is brewing and this one will definitely be interesting.

Some Unruly fans came to Popcaan’s defense on Twitter.


Source: Dancehallmag

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