Alkaline Disses Popcaan & Teejay In New Single ‘Monopoly’: Listen

Earlan Bartley, professionally known as the dancehall artiste Alkaline, continues to live up to the fearless and daring reputation by which he is regarded.  In a new unpretentious single, titled Monopoly, the Champion Bwoy in ‘boasy’ fashion presents himself as the ‘Boss Daddy’, one in control, not folly.

The song also details the opposite in blatant diss of Popcaan – “… Monopoly…control, wi have y angle, wi nevva tek up nuttn weh wi cyaan hangle… drama man dem, act dem a act, yuh nuh unruly, mock yah mock, nah kill a fly, a mogle strap…”

The release of Monopoly not only presents an obvious intentional lyrical slewing of Popcaan, it also details a direct address of the Romeich Entertainment artiste, Up Top Boss TeeJay – “…Bwoy dem nahve nuh ball sense…”

For the ‘Man A Shella’ artiste, a pretentious or posed display of control is an absolute joke, and definitely not a representation of real action. As a lyrical thrashing, Monopoly, defines the ‘posing’ of ‘the Baller and the ‘Netflix watching drama-man as simply chatting, posing, faking – Get the gist? Not only does he give a ‘dissing’ regard to Popcaan as an actor, Alkaline also leverages his claim with the subtle yet impactful highlight of Popcaan’s not being truly unruly.

This gest of disrespect also suggests his awareness of what’s is happening in the business, or perhaps the life of his stanched musical enemies. The title of drama-man, used as an adjective in parts of the song, is referencing the Popcaan’s recent role in the England based movie ‘The Intent 2’.

Popcaan, whose real name is Andree Sutherland played the role of ‘Soursop’, a Jamaican drug lord. The highlight of his role in the film showcases him ordering the murder of his cheating girlfriend, ‘Peaches’.

At least twice before now has Alkaline ‘dissed’ the empire building ‘Unruly Boss’ Popcaan; still yet, Popcaan remains unresponsive. What exactly would have en-grained such disregard? Sufficing to say, it is likewise to be expected that TeeJay may not render a response to Monopoly. In fact, it would seem out of character for artiste under the Romeich Entertainment Label to give regard to blows and lyrical bullets from another artiste.

Teejay in Guyana for his performance. Image Courtesy Instagram/@uptopboss_official
Consequently, what some are calling a pending clash-of-the-Bosses (Alkaline – Boss Daddy, Popcaan – Unruly Boss, and Teejay – Up Top Boss), it is yet to be realized.

The anticipated response from Popcaan or TeeJay may not be heard, and disappointingly so, for now remains the fancy of their fans’ imagination.

Listen to Alkaline’s Monopoly below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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