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Alkaline delivered again to well appreciated fans!

Alkaline delivered

(McN)- The long-awaited performance finally came to pass, when Alkaline delivered on Saturday, March 25. The 23-year-old Reggae/ Dancehall artist, who has made several hit songs, including his latest album ‘New Level Unlocked,’ took the national stadium stage, at 3 am to perform for his long awaiting fans.

Alkaline delivered a spectacular performance, which many of his fans were looking forward to enjoying. The rush of arriving patrons and the anxiety from the crowd, caused a small stampede, which resulted in a fence being torn down and persons receiving minor injuries.


The show went on and Alkaline gave what was expected, the delivery of hits after hits.
Naysayers, who are non supporters and have publicly stated their disdain for the artist, that his performance is lackluster, are sticking to their opinion. Not so says his fans.
 “Alkaline delivered well and he’s doing what we like by giving us a great show,” says one patron. “
Dis ano Michael Jackson or Usher or Beyonce, dis name dancehall, ano 10 grand wi pay fi com een so wi a expek costume, dancers, swing pan pole, projector you name it.. Jus low di yute an unuh guh liv unuh life cuz him nah stop fi unuh food,” another patron added.
Other artists who took the stage were Jahmiel, Mavado, Shaggy and Taurus Riley who all gave a great show.

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