Alan receives a pre-Christmas gift

Renowned journalist Alan Lewin, has been credited for being a consistent promoter for the store, Black and White Couture.

Zoey Brown, the store owner for the Black and White Couture, located at 82 Barnett Street in Montego Bay, has commended Alan, citing that he has been a consistent employee for the last ten years.

As a result of Alan’s hard work, she has rewarded his efforts with a gift saying it’s his pre-Christmas gift.

‘This is my pre-Christmas gift to you for your consistent and dedicated promotions to my store. I truly appreciate you as a genuine, honest and consistent promoter for my business, which you always highlight on your social media pages. I truly appreciate you as my friend, and this is a way of saying thank you, said Zoey Brown.

The Black and White Couture store sells men and women clothing as well as shoes, which customers in Montego Bay are satisfied with as they are high-quality goods.


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