Alan Leroy Lewin Awarded at Reggae Sumfest 2018

Jamaican News, St James: Alan Leroy Lewin Awarded – Alan Leroy Lewin was born in the inner city community of Paradise Row in Montego Bay St James. He is a proud past student of the noble institution, Albion All Age School. In 1991 he started in the Media world as a Horse race tipster for the Western Mirror Newspaper in Montego Bay. He then started doing coverage in football competition starting with the Victoria Mutual Building Society under 13 competitions.

Mr. Lewin has also been a writer for several other newspapers like, The Siren Newspaper, Sports N’ Art, Hard Copy, Portmore Times, The Daily Star, Chat News, Excess Newspaper, The Jamaica Herald, The Sunday Statement, North Coast Times, West Coast News, Hotnews, Cornwall Travelers, Seba News magazine, Gemstone Magazine, Sports Globe, The Jamaica Observer, The Western Mirror Newspaper, and The Sunday Sun. He also wrote for several news websites like,,, and many other social media sites.

In 2008, he was awarded with the Errol Harvey award for Human Interest Photography by the press association of Jamaica; also in 2002 he was voted entertainment Journalist of St James by the Montego Bay Sound System Association.

With his photography skills he has two notable photographs that have been etched in the minds of Jamaicans.

Firstly, his controversial photo where the Green was left out of the national flags at the swearing-in ceremony of the former mayor of Montego Bay, Glendon Harris, which gained national and worldwide recognition and secondly, a backstage photo with Dancehall Artiste, Beenie Man and Barbie.

Alan Lewin was the first photographer who was employed to Reggae Sumfest.

Alan Lewin has been accredited for 26 unbroken years as a freelance photographer for any media house that needs his services for coverage.

He has always been prompt for all shows, just to see the next stars of Reggae music, where he can predict who will make it the following year in the music industry. He always likes to render assistance to young and upcoming artistes who are seeking recognition in the music industry.

This is Alan Lewin with some of his awards for overages in Media and photography.

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