Akon sued for millions by former business partner

SS the Showstopper
By SS the Showstopper

Rapper, singer, song writer, producer and businessman Akon sued  by former business partner  was revealed by TMZ, who reported his former business partner is claiming to be owed an unpaid amount of $150 million. Akon sued by former business partner Devyn Stephens, comes as no surprise as the successful businessman parted ways with Akon a while back.

Devyne Stephens, a music executive who helped launch Akon’s career &  Konvict Music label, claims he’s supposed to be getting 40% of everything Akon’s earned since 2006. He says their contract gives him a cut of record sales, touring rights, royalties and more, but apparently hasn’t seen a dime of it yet.

As TMZ points out, Akon has earned over $400 million since 2006 if what Stephens says is true and based on the math. However who knows what he’ll end up getting, and based on the size of the lawsuit it probably won’t be worked out for a while either.

Stephens admits the pair had a previous dispute over the contract, but claims it was resolved in 2015. However, he has now taken legal action after failing to receive any of the reported cash owed.

In a rare interview in 2009, Stephens spoke about the origin of his professional relationship with the Smack That singer.

“Akon and I started off as friends. I was introduced to Akon by a rapper by the name of Lil’ Zane. He brought Akon by my rehearsal hall which is where Usher, TLC, and other talent were being developed at,” he told reporters.

“He’d stop by and come in asking me for advice and that’s how it started off; as a friendship, with me mentoring him with the business aspect of it. When he lost his deal with Elektra I signed him.”

In 2016, the R&B star was accused of hiding his finances to avoid paying a producer’s royalties. Leland Clopton claimed Akon’s record label bosses at Konvict Entertainment hid the star’s accounts for years to keep him in the dark and avoid paying him at least $1 million.




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