Akeem Robinson committed suicide in St Thomas 

The police in the parish of St Thomas,  are now carrying out a full investigation surrounding the death of a teenager boy,  who is suspected to have taken his own life by committing suicide in his community on Thursday afternoon, October 18th.
The deceased has been identified as Akeem Robinson,  otherwise called  ” Biggs” 18-year-old,  of Lloyds Avenue, in Yallas, St Thomas.
Reports by the Yallas police are that on Thursday morning Akeem and a family member got involved in a domestic dispute, followed by which the teen walked away in a vexed mood.
About 3:00 pm, an alarm was raised when a family member stumbled upon the teen hanging from a tree.
The police were summoned, and upon arrival, Akeem was found with a piece of cord which was tied around his neck, and suspended from the branch of a tree, at the rear of his home.
The body was cut down and transported to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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