Aidonia Worries About Vybz Kartel’s Mental Health After Latest IG Diss

Vybz Kartel is once again rocking the waves on the dancehall scene!

The Worl’ Boss has challenged several big names in the genre in what seems like a continuing feud against any in the industry not aligned with his GAZA clan, even as Kartel himself remains behind bars serving a life sentence for the murder of associate Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.

Some of those big names are 4th Genna head Aidonia and members of the MVP, an alliance between MavadoAlkaline and Jahmiel. In an Instagram post on Sunday, the Ramping Shop deejay referred to the dancehall artistes as “metrosexual emotional b-tches in their feelings”.
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Vybz Kartel

This latest outburst from Kartel stems from his ongoing war with the MVP.  The three-man alliance targeted Kartel in two diss tracks this month but their attacks were not unprovoked.  Kartel has been relentlessly trolling the trio on Instagram since April 2019.  The deejay’s murder conviction was also upheld this month in Jamaica’s Court of Appeal.

Meanwhile, Aidonia in response asked the public to pray for Kartel as his mental health might be suffering. “Big and serious…someone needs to check on Vybz Kartel mental health…put this man on suicide watch…this is not the Vybz Kartel we know”, he said an Instagram response to Kartel’s Sunday night post.

Kartel has confidently asserted that he remains the best in dancehall. Dancehall fans have also been comparing artistes and many are unshakeable in their opinion that Kartel continues to dominate dancehall, from the prison walls of Tower Street in Jamica.

“Who would have thought that dancehall artists would become such metrosexual emotional #bitchesintheirfeelings? “Kartel won’t leave me alone”, “Kartel badmine mi”, dat  sound like artist”, Kartel questioned in apparent third person reference to himself.

Kartel added “…or like  10 year old girl being bullied at school? Me check say dancehall was a testosterone driven war world, wid inflated egos and “hype” attitude. Me never know is a worl weh u fi “leave artist alone mek dem strive”, even though they all claim to be “killers from birth”, and “bad from them born”.

Kartel proceeded to mockingly laugh at his opponents with laughing emojis and noted his widespread fame and success “and by the way none a dem no big like Kartel locally or globally so who badmine who? From mi jus buss we a war [A]ssassin and Spragga one time. Me war me fada Bounty, me war the barber b-tch [Mavado] cause that a dancehall…nothing personal just music. But ok I’ll leave them to continue doing numbers…(oh sh-t wait!…a ME a do numbers)”, he added with laughing emojis.

In a comment, he further trolled the MVP and Aidonia saying, “Look how long Kartel a run Dancehall. Stop me Nuh! B-itches can’t stop a lion”.

His rival, Aidonia agrees with much of Kartel’s claims to dominance.  The veteran deejay even credits Kartel as his dancehall father.

“The war angel the worl boss bickering on the internet over numbers …when the world has crowned this man one of the greated in dancehall…someone needs to chck and see if he has his phone…all this posting is it Vybz Kartel or Post Malone…ya talk bout man fi try stop you…explain how…me woulda pay you 10mil right now if a man can tell me how…if prison neva stop you how manking fi stop you?…u unstoppable dawg, ya war with bay youth who idolize and look up to u a joke ting dat…ya close to 50 so ya war wid u grand kids…ya talk bout war dis and war dat…how man fi war man weh deh a jail…nuh man inna dem rightful mind nah do dat…memba a me seh Addi a mi daddy and right now ya move like mommy”, Aidonia said.

He went on to say to his fans “and mi nuh want unnu tek dis fi joke…inna dem serious time ya when covid a tek di lives of so many people locally and internationally…unnu a fwd wid dis negativity we nuh need dat inna Jamaica…we nuh need dat inna dancehall…”

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Aidonia called out to Kartel fans to pray for him “GAZA FANS the SHEEP if unnu love love unnu shepherd pray for Vybz kartel!!!, before adding that “4th GENNA na nuh time fi mix up, we a focus pan we self and a do we ting.”

In another subtle diss the 4TH GENNA boss said he’s done chatting and “gone lay dung side a mi wife.”

Meanwhile twitter fans chimed in on the feud and at least one notable voice- the so called best friend of Kartel- Amelia ‘Milk’ Sewell on her twitter account in response to Aidonia’s post noted that the comments are not that of the artist. “cuz den you really think that’s Kartel?…come on…it is not him on any account here on twitter nor Instagram…the man does not speak like that and I should know…just pronounce that bird and let’s move on.”

In a series of tweets she proceeded to shed light on the personality of Kartel in figuring out if it was him who made the inflammatory posts, “he speaks in intelligent metaphors…sprinkled with clever humour…topped off with a one big word that mek uh draw fi yuh dictionary ..And he never refers to himself in the third person…smh”.

Fans and social commentators also had lots to say about the posts purportedly by Vybz Kartel, with many suggesting that one of his sons may be behind the accounts and using it to pretend to be the artiste.

However, Kartel’s Instagram account is verified and most supporters and rivals, alike, seem to agree that the content published by the account is controlled either directly or indirectly by the singer.

Most recently, prison officials raided his cell and reportedly confiscated a contraband cellphone after an Instagram Live stunt with friend and producer Rvssian.
Source: Dancehallmag

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