Aidonia & Govana Have Another Hit Collab, ‘Yeah Man’: Watch

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It’s always a big deal when Dancehall artistes Aidonia and Govana link up to voice a track.

Who can forget their monster hit Run Road in 2012, which literally found the two deejays running the Dancehall scene and mashing up every dance in the rural districts across the land.  They followed up with Breeze (2018).

The new single Yeah Man, which dropped today on Govana’s VEVO YouTube page already sounds like another banger for these old J.O.P crewmembers. J.O.P. (Jag One Production) was Aidonia’s crew that he had formed around 2006, that saw the rise of his prodigy Deablo, whose real name is Romeo Nelson, now AKA, Govana.

Now standing tall beside his mentor, Govana goes toe to toe with Aidonia and music producer Redboom Supamix to deliver this hot new collab, which has quicky amassed 100k views within 3 hours of the release.

“Mi change mi name and change the game,” Govana intros the track to further pat himself on the back, “full a flow and full a style like Baby Wayne.” He has the hottest girls around and has established himself as the badman in the area with his ruthless shooting sprees.

“Mi use mi rifle clear the main and clap e’ shoulder nearly sprain but bare di pain. Wave e’ K pan e’ nozzle, crazy flame dat a smoke like Craven’A. Strike force clear di way yeah man,” he sings to instill fear and talk up his gangster lifestyle.

The 4th Genna Boss comes in on the second verse with an easy slaying of more gun threats. Aidonia says not to let his dreadlocks fool you, his gun is still fully functional, as a matter of fact he goes on to swiftly flex some slick lyrics with some iconic name dropping to demonstrate what his gun is capable of.

Yeah Man thief mi style n den dem deven shake mi hand yeah man. Rise e’ K di hand clap it, dem hear mi slam make it jump like Capleton, you nah fi ask dem – fear di don yeah man/ Rifle Arabian, mi should brace e pon/ Hand clap it fast it nearly jam pow ow Baby Cham yeah man/ You know how ops guh, put a duppy pon di Astro. Di game change from main change to Govana from ‘Ablo.” Listen more below –

The music video while shines on the two artistes, is a community effort highlighting everyday looking people in the area putting on a theatric display of animated dancing, street fighting and just holding a vibe under a sound system at a dance.

The Redboom Supamix produced riddim has a stirring dance beat as sampled in the video, which shows several dancers breaking it down to the rhythmic pulses on track. The single was brought to release in part with RD Studios and 4th Genna Music. Watch the new music video for Yeah Man here –


Source: Dancehallmag

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