Aidonia Calls For The ‘Division To Be Subtracted’ From Dancehall

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Dancehall deejay Aidonia has again called for unity in Dancehall by addressing ‘biased’ fans who have been pushing division in the genre

In an Instagram Live video on July 23, the Nuh Boring Gyal singer called on fans to stop “talking down to” and attacking certain deejays and to support what he calls “one dancehall,” regardless of whatever group the artiste may belong to.

Donia has taken pains to craft his career carefully, and in the last few years, he’s become very selective about how much music he releases, and when he chooses to release that music. His last single, Look, released on July 10, did not disappoint fans.

“Stop be bias, bad artiste ah bad artiste, bad song ah bad song,” he said in the video. “Not because you say 6ixx, you cyan say Unruly, or you cyan say ray. Ah dat wha we talk, support the music. Ah whole heap a bad artiste and bad song deh deh.”

“Uno as the fans me a plead to, leggo them bad vibes deh,” he added.

The deejay also asserted that “no one man can run it,” suggesting that for the genre to keep growing, fans need to allow the artistes to operate in their own lane.  Aidonia encouraged new and upcoming deejays to keep plugging away, adding that he believes a lot of them are “bad artistes”.

He took time to mention several established artistes who he believes are extremely talented, as well as upcoming entertainers to soon be reckoned with, but he makes no mention of Masicka.  Fans, fully aware of their beef, were in the comments section asking Aidonia to mention the King Inna Earth singer as a worthy deejay. The two are thought to have been at odds for over three years now.

However, Aidonia emphasized that he was not throwing shade at any artiste but simply stating his opinion.

In his video, he advised upcoming deejays to work hard for their space in Dancehall because “quick buss nuh last.”


Aidonia added that he was able to grow in Dancehall because of the foundation that was laid for him and told upcoming deejays to try and not follow the latest trends but to use their energy to focus on making good music.

He said that the contribution of artistes like Shabba RanksNinjaman, and Lieutenant Stitchie were invaluable. Aidonia used these older artistes as an example of how Dancehall could be shared, saying that often in the past, they shared the same stage and were all able to earn.

The deejay mentions a plethora of artistes, including Buju Banton, Super Cat, Terror Fabulous, and others, from the 80s, 90s, and into the 2000s as he tried to show the progression of Dancehall and what should be happening with the industry now.

“Unuh need to get unuh meds right about this bombacl#$t Dancehall music and where it ah come from bro and whe it fe de. The real producer dem ah rise.”

He continued: “Me nah even talk about from Bounty them. Bounty dem ah a different level. Bounty dem ah up dey so, ah different level. From in ah the 2000s ah come up, yuh see me brother, [email protected]#t, Mavado dem ah column in ah dis brother, scene, Vybz Kartel dem a column in ah dis brother, Agent Sasco, Assassin ah column in a dis brother, scene.”

“Aidonia column in a dis. Alkaline dem, new generation dem, come ah column in ah the ting brother, scene, Popcaan dem come column in ah de new generation,” he said.   He heaped praises on Busy Signal’s worldwide appeal.

Female deejays like Spice were added to the list of deejays he believes are holding up Dancehall. ShenseeaJada Kingdom, and upcoming talent and Top Gyal Shaneil Muir came in for high praise as well.

Even though one may not be a fan of all of the artistes mentioned, there is no need to talk down on the hard work that they’ve contributed to the genre, he continued.

“Unuh fe stop bruk down the artistes and stop try bruk down de ting dog,” he said. “The more uno support the artistes and the music as a whole a bigger it ah go get.”

He added, “So the thing ah big and the thing ah go better for the upcoming artistes dem.  You understand, bredda cya, the division, bro, ah it we a try subtract”
Source: Dancehallmag
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