Agriculture Minister Welcomes Chicken Price Cut

Agriculture Minister Welcomes Chicken Price Cut

Agriculture and Fisheries Minister, Hon. Pearnel Charles Jr., has welcomed the price cut by Best Dressed Chicken and is anticipating a domino effect across the sector.

The company has reduced the cost of its Grade-A Whole Bird and Mixed parts by $12.50 per kilo, as of Thursday, August 18.

Minister Charles Jr. said the price cut is coming at a time when consumers need it the most.

“This is a time when we have seen the adverse impact of increasing prices globally, and Jamaica has not been spared. Between COVID-19 and the conflict in Europe (Russia and Ukraine), we have seen skyrocketing prices and so anything that gives our consumers some relief is welcome,” he said.

Mr. Charles Jr. is encouraging further reductions in prices across sectors as the global market continues to stabilise.

“We also look forward to the domino effect that this reduction will have on other products and, ultimately, to the benefit of our consumers,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Government has reiterated its commitment to working with stakeholders and partners in an effort at establishing food security. In official communication from the Ministry, Minister Charles Jr. outlined that continued dialogue is critical to the strategy of the ‘Grow Smart, Eat Smart’ campaign.

“I want to acknowledge that the companies have been responsive, and they have been creative. The price cut from the Best Dressed Chicken comes on the heels of their introduction of the Value Pack Product, which was introduced earlier this year at a reduced price margin,” the Minister said.

“That is an effort to make sure that there are more options that are affordable to consumers. We are going to continue working together, and we look forward to more positive trends, all to the benefit of Jamaica,” he added.


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