Agriculture Minister Calls on Graduates to Develop Passion for Doing What Is Right

Jamaica News: Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon. Audley Shaw, says young people need to develop a passion “for doing what is right” and be wary of “traps and pitfalls” that could ruin their lives.

Delivering the keynote address at the valedictory service of the Knockalva Agricultural School in Hanover on June 1, Mr. Shaw said he has seen over the years where many promising lives “have fallen by the wayside”, resulting from negative tendencies and peer pressure.

“Even as we are about to graduate you young people, where you will be going out there to seek a job or think about what to do next… there will be those who will try to influence you to get into things like lotto scamming, he said.

The Minister said there is nothing glamorous about trying to obtain money by deception, warning graduates that more often than not, such a lifestyle can only have an unhappy ending.

“Lotto scamming, among other things, is one of the… things that are helping to drive negativism among our young people in this country,” he added.

Mr. Shaw implored the graduates that it is important to pursue a path that is both decent and correct, adding that the country is at a stage where there are a lot of opportunities to succeed.

The Minister said he is encouraged by what he called “the new entrepreneurial spirit among many young people,” noting that lending institutions should support business initiatives by making interest rates more attractive.

“Interest rates being offered on some loans by lending entities to small businesses and new entrepreneurs are way too high,” he noted.

“I am committed to helping to find windows and avenues where we are going to provide cheap money. Write your business plan, because I am planning that if you have a good business plan, you would not have to borrow money at 20 per cent and 30 per cent. You will be able to get money at five per cent interest rate,” the Minister told the graduates.


Source: JIS News

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