Agent Sasco Drops Video For New Single ‘LOCO’ Off His Upcoming EP: Watch

Agent Sasco has released a single from his upcoming EP called “LOCO” and it’s a fast-paced, militant track with a frenzied beat that is sure to become a much-requested tune in the near future.

The track was taken from his forthcoming EP which is expected to drop this summer on Out Deh / Soul Circle Records.

The video for LOCO, was produced by Teflon (Zincfence Records) and is filmed on a gritty looking street in what is presumably Jamaica. From the start the beat is hyped and the artiste is able to maintain his rhymes and energy throughout, without overdoing or overemphasizing the points that he’s trying to make.  Watch it below.

In the song, Sasco, whose real name is Jeffrey Campbell, laments the fact that many youths are obsessed with being gangsters and besides drinking things that aren’t good for them or being involved with guns, they are now obsessing over likes on social media.

He then takes issue with young females who record themselves in compromising positions for likes and also points a finger at young males who boast of their sexual exploits with this, particularly vulnerable group.

“People ah sit down and ah loco,” he sings. His low, raspy vocals work well on the track and also help to keep the song engaging as he delivers a serious message about youth falling prey to mental health issues at a much quicker pace than the generations before them.

Agent Sasco, formerly known as Assassin, then tells a story about his rise to success and the fact that after perseverance he now owns his own clothing line and has been travelling the world performing his songs. He uses himself as an example of how someone can stick to their dreams and still attain success without having to resort to violence.

The song is extremely catchy and the lyrics flow smoothly making it easy to follow and has the makings of another anthem, similar to his 2010 hit Something’s Gotta Give. It’s also a song with a strong message for a generation that is trying outdo themselves as they try to show they are better than their ancestors.

Even though the song was only released today, many fans have already listened to and commented on it.

“Love the positive messages always. That’s why Agent Sasco is one of the most respected dancehall artist in Jamaica. God Bless,” this fan said while another seconded the artiste’s effort: “Just love this song, so much positivity. Versing so much real global issues, lack of parental guidance, lack of spiritual guidance, pollution, global warming, investment schemes, riches 2 rags, vanity & materialistic desires. Hmmm, this song so deep. I love it! Big up assassin. How could you dislike this song? With such a positive msg.”

One fan was so impressed by the track that they said Agent Sasco was now in their top five dancehall artistes of all time: “Agent sasco this song has put you in my top 5 fav. Dancehall artiste. Very creative and on point with reality. Can’t stop play it…pull up bout 100 time already…DEEP! Thought provoking. Govt. Civilians. Need to hear it yute. Yute den nah huh mannas..tell u bout u coast yah true.”

The song seems to resonate with many who feel that there is a generation of upcoming youth that need guidance if they are to stay on the right track.  Watch below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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