Agent Sasco Delights In HGTV-Styled ‘Modern Builder’ Series

Dancehall artiste Agent Sasco has starred in a new ‘do it yourself’ construction series dubbed ‘H&L’s RTV Modern Builder.’  The HGTV-styled web series premiered on Friday evening, on sponsor Hardware and Lumber’s YouTube channel.

Episode One sees Sasco completing the construction of an outdoor kitchen and erecting a fence for it, at his Upper St. Andrew home, using what has been dubbed as ‘his toolkit’ featuring a miter saw, hammer drill, impact driver, a level, tape measure, concrete screws, drywall screws, a square, and of course, a pencil.

Aided by staff from Hardware and Lumber, one of Jamaica’s leading construction, agriculture, and home improvement company, Sasco gives construction tips, aimed at ensuring precision in measurements, reducing wastage of material, and over-exertion, essentially – working smarter, not harder.

The Camperdown High School old boy clearly is a master at construction, as he demonstrated during the show, between glasses of coconut water, which he obviously enjoyed.

“Massive, before you operate the saw, always check where our digits are, unless you waa name ‘niney’ or suppm,” he quipped at one point, in his caution about ensuring fingers are kept away from the saw blade, lest they are accidentally amputated.

Midway through the episode, the Hand inna di Air singer teased his wife Nicole McLaren Campbell who came onsite and apparently started using her smartphone to film the undertakings and engage in live streaming for her Instagram followers.

“Guys, this is not glamourous business enuh.  This is not a glamour shot; I am working,” he said to her, as she covered her mouth and tried to hold back the laughter.

In response to questions posed by his wife’s IG followers as to where he got all his construction expertise, the Winning Right Now singer said he learned from his father, whilst he was a child growing up on the ‘Banks of the Hope’ River in St. Andrew.

“First of all me haffi big up mi father.  Mi father is the kind of man that weekend, as boys you haffi just guh inna di yard ad do things as bwoy pickney… and he was always challenging us to do that kind of thing,” he explained.

“Mi sen in Joshua (his son) because a dis COVID business and mi neva waa oonu cuss mi seh, him no have on no mask.  So usually Joshua woulda deh yah, ah him pass tools.  It (mask) uncomfortable fi me much less,” the deejay whose given name is Jeffrey Campbell said.

Turning back his full attention to Nicole, he chose to taunt her about her strutting around bare-footed on a construction site.

“As a matter of fact, wat you doing on mi site without protective gear mam?  You all a wear barefoot on di site, yuh bad!” he said, laughing, later explaining that he was erecting the fence in addition to the kitchen because he needed privacy.

“Yuh nuh want everybody a look inna yuh pot,” he quipped.

At the end of the video, Sasco and his team showed off a beautiful wooden fence, which he said was 80 percent complete at the time.

Agent Sasco, is no stranger to DIY projects, having established his own backyard farm where he grows a range of crops including bananas, peppers, plantains, and other cash crops and raises layer hens which provide him with eggs.   He is also no stranger to being a brand ambassador, as in addition to Hardware and Lumber, he is also a brand ambassador for the Jamaica National Group.

Check out the episode below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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