Agent Sasco Conquers ‘The Asafa Challenge’ With Wife Nicole Campbell

Listen up, there’s a new social media challenge, The Asafa Challenge. Even though it may be attempted by dancehall artiste Agent Sasco and track-star Asafa Powell and their crew, let it be said that it’s not recommended for the weak and feeble.

In an Instagram clip last week, Agent Sasco, whose real name is Jeffrey Campbell, is shown fully taking on the challenge in a swimming pool with his wife, Nicole McLaren Campbell. Surrounded by the likes of the renowned sprinter and his wife Alyshia Miller along with the couples’ kids (except Asafa and Alyshia’s new baby) and a few other faces, Sasco airlifts his wife to proceed in four greatly achieved shoulder presses – challenge complete.

In a grisly roar upon ending his reps, he plunges his seemingly unsuspecting wife into the pool, who quickly emerges from the water looking a little frazzled. No worries, Agent Sasco, 37, to the rescue, he hugs her as she regains herself … while still celebrating his victory, of course.

Leave it to the Instagram followers to tell you what’s really up, “Me nuh like how him drop her ,” said one viewer, then another sharing the same sentiments, “I dont think mi like how him fling har down.”

As for the actual challenge, one said, “My woman see this video an a tell me bout mi need for do this wid har.. mi just tell har sey she affi ease off a the bagga food food before this happened.”

While another fan found it too intimidating, he said, “Ah not tekkin on dat challenge.”

The very muscular built athlete that is Asafa Powell extensively shows off his fitness journeys on social media, from executing clean & press lifts of over 300 lbs to ripping up the tracks. But it looks like the recent post of the sprinter shoulder pressing his wife Alyshia in a black and white photo has left quite an impression, so much so that is may have started the new fitness challenge.

We couldn’t agree more with one IG fan, who said, “But Lawd now you going responsible for man back bruk because you best believe me want a picture like that too.”

After nailing Asafa’s challenge, Sasco and Nicole started a new challenge of their own during a “staycation” at the Half Moon Resort in Jamaica.

“This man is up to every challenge.  Took me right back to the villa just like this. . . And he kept shouting “FUDGY” #theFudgyChallenge dis name now,” Nicole captioned a video of the couple sharing a bicycle.

She added, “What an adventure with you @agentsasco! This staycation is one for the history books!”

Fans were in awe of the couple’s great chemistry.

“Living life is good finding the right partner to live it with is even greater,” said one of Nicole’s followers.

While one fan declared, “You two are my favorite Jamaican couple, I swear. Goals AF”

“Hilarious! And beautiful to see your connection. I know it takes hard work and like-mindedness to keep the fun. I pray God’s continued blessings upon you and your lovely family!” another added.

Nicole’s trainer also came in for high praise.

“Dang look at those beach bods,” “Sis tips on that body after motherhood please. I’m taking notes,” were some of the comments left by followers who marveled at the summer body of the 35-year-old mom of three.


Source: Dancehallmag

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