After forty-five Years of Marriage Man Found out on His 75th Birthday his 4 children were “Jackets”

Man Found out on His 75th Birthday his 4 children were “Jackets”

Jamaica News: “So she gi mi jacket, trosas and di entia closet fi pose wid, ole brute.”

“I always hear people talk about ‘bun hot’ but I never believed it until I experienced it myself,” lamented Mr. Brown, to our news team.

The McKoy’s News Team had the opportunity of interviewing, 75-year-old Radcliff Brown, a retired tailor, who hails from a prominent community in St Ann’s Bay. Mr. Brown, a past student of a noble and traditional institution, in his parish, explained to our news team that he felt so disappointed to have believed that he had the ‘Perfect Wife,’ from high school days, in his life.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown have been together for fifty long, rough and trying years. They formed their relationship in high school and they vowed to never depart from each other no matter the situation. Back in high school, they were known as the ‘bad’ couple, because they were known for sneaking out of class and meeting at the rear of the school, during class session, to kiss and cuddle. Mr. and Mrs. Brown’s parents did not know of the relationship they shared, until they left high school and started working. He told our news team that, in the past, children were afraid of telling their parents about relationships, much less to be in one, because they would have been killed immediately.

The couple exchanged vows in November 1973. They lived a comfortable and happy life as two recently married couple. Two months after their marriage, Mrs. Brown cheated on her husband with the pastor who officiated their wedding ceremony. Mr. Brown was cognizant of the story, but he did not know it was his ‘perfect wife, and he heard the story being circulated by church members, who were talking about a woman who cheated on her husband.

He was not a member of the church, but he knew the pastor of the church. He joined in the conversation with the five church members and they started bashing the female, saying derogatory statements about her. Sadly, he did not know it was his wife.

Mrs. Brown, on the other hand, knew that the statements made by the church members and her husband were all on her, but she joined in with them and spoke about the female anyhow. Nobody knew which female it was but they knew the female had sexual relation with the pastor of the church. Mr. Brown did not inform, our news team how everyone learned of the situation, but he was confident that it was not his ‘perfect wife.’ The ‘woman’ was branded as a bitch, cheater, slut and gold-digger.

In 1985, Mrs. Brown informed her husband that she was with child. He remembered clearly that they had sex the day before and he was confident that it was his child. He explained to us that he had never thought of his wife cheating on him, so he rendered assistance throughout her pregnancy. He explained to us that one night, his wife told him that she will never leave him but will always love and treat him right, which reassured him that the woman he had was the ‘perfect wife’.

As a strong tailor, his time was needed greatly by his wife and he had to stay at home throughout his wife morning sickness experiences, to care for her. Many times he did not have food on the table for her, and because of this, he felt so inferior because he could not sustain his family. During the rainy seasons, he had to go to work, he had to cook; he had to give his wife his undivided attention, because of his love for her. Life became easier when Mr. Browns, two boys, one set of twins, were born. He was overshadowed by the happiness of his sons’ birth.

Mr. Brown explained to our news team that he suspected some changes in his wife’s behavior when the babies were born, because his wife started leaving the house regularly, even at nights, and telling him she’s gone to visit a friend. He told us that even when the boys were two weeks old, his wife wanted to take them to visit friends. How Absurd!

“I do not know which mother, takes her child out of the house, at two weeks old, to visit friends???”

“She told me, on more than one occasions that, she wanted someone more sophisticated and rich, but she always made it into a joke, and I would then laugh about it.”

In 1992, Mrs. Brown was with one child, which was a girl, and in 1995, she was with another child, which happened to be another girl. Mr. Brown told us that he was indeed happy to see his children on the earth, being nurtured and cared for. He told us that he watched them closely as they grew into young adults, with hope and wishes of having them in his arms again, rubbing their tummy, their back to have them burp and their foreheads to have them become smart.

The shocking story of his wife’s betrayal came to his ear last week, on his 75th birthday, when his wife told him that she has some confession to make. He was lying in his bed thinking about his children and how happy he was to have lived to see his seventy-fifth birthday. He received a call from his children, and they wished him a happy birthday, with long life and happiness. They even planned on sending him some money for his birthday. He was overly excited to hear the little babies he nurtured, called to wish and give him hope, after a life of struggles and hard work. His wife came to his bedside held his hand and said,

“Darlin, mi ave sumting fi tell yuh enuh, mi cah hide it again becuz mi a now seventy-year-old an mi wah fi cah live long wid yuh. Yuh pickney dem, dem a …dem a nuh really fi yuh enuh. Yuh ave to share dem half an half.”

He raised his head and looked at her and asked what she meant. She was unable to speak clearly because she had her hands over her mouth, which muffled the sound of her voice causing Mr. Brown to not understand her words and statements.

“Yuh Si mi did kinda get tiad a yuh an mi did si somady else….but, mi an him neva really ave sex, but mi an him did sleep…”

Mr. Brown said he quickly sat up in the bed and stared at his wife in surprise. He hurriedly came off the bed, and as he was about to grab her clothing, she jumped back and said to him in a shocking voice,

“No….! Darlin, it gud. Di man seh him nuh want dem suh a mi a di mada an yuh a di fada. It can work out!!”

Mr. Brown explained to our news team that it was at that point he realized that she was the woman they called bitch, cheater, slut and gold-digger, who slept with his pastor friend. He said it was his worst birthday ever, and he would not like his children to find out about this dilemma. He explained to our news team that he still loves his wife but his heart has been broken and torn.

He explained to our news team that he never saw this day coming, where he will be thinking about a divorce or prison life.

He does not know what to do; neither does he know what to say to the children who have taken up permanent residence in the United Kingdom. He has been trying to practice healthy eating habits after he was diagnosed with hypotension and diabetes, but he said this situation will cause him to live in the hospital or be on a nearer point to death.

He would like to receive some advice from the public. Please email us your recommendations at ([email protected]).

By: Ackeem Smith

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